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Business Credit/Debit Tracker

SmartBIZ Planner is the perfect tracking and planning app to help you run, track, and maintain your online business like it is what it is. "A REAL BUSINESS"

Run, Track, And Maintain Your Business To Success Business

With SmartBIZ Planner you can...

  • Manage & Track cash, card, crypto currency, program earnings, and other available balances.
  • Manage Or Create Categories Select any of our preset categories or create a new specific category for your business needs.
  • Manage, Track, & Budget Spending Easily managed and track all business-related spending for items such as monthly subscriptions, one time or business-related purchases, advertising costs and many more.
  • Record & attach Receipts upload a copy or image of your receipt attached to your credit or debit record for accountability and a permanent record.
  • Goal & Budget Management Know what you're spending or what you're saving at all times. This is an unbelievable feature that can help you know what parts of your business are profitable and parts of your business are not. This alone will help you to make an educated decision on what parts of your business you should keep, put more effort into, and what you might need to do away with.
  • Excel Sheet View & Download Conveniently view an Excel spreadsheet for monthly yearly or a permanent record of your SmartBIZ Plan either in your app or download a hard copy to your laptop or PC.
  • Backup & Save Data No fear of ever losing your business plan or your data simply by downloading a backup of it on a regular basis.
Smartbiz planner is by far the best business plan and or budgeting app available and If you use it as recommended it will definitely increase your percentage of profits simply by giving you an ongoing record of what part of your business are costing you more than they are worth.

We hope you love our rap as much as we do and ask that you please share this app with your friends and leave us a rating.

Thank you, we wish you well with your business endeavors, and have a blessed day.

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Permissions Notice
You may be asked for permission to access the following features:
* Accept Push Notifications
* Microphone for speech translation
* Camera for translating text via the camera
* Media storage for photo translation